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‣ Our Terms And Conditions

Upon confirming submission of your application, you must be oriented to some important aspects regarding the partner’s obligation and the ethical works committed as a partner of skintopia. Partner refers to any distribution chain – IBP, IME, and IBE.

I. APPOINTMENT– Company hereby appoints partner as its primary source of all skintopia products in its territory. The partner’s sole authority shall be to solicit orders in accordance with the terms and conditions and shall not have the authority to make any commitments to clients unless skintopia wishes to do so.

II. GENERAL DUTIES– Partner shall use its best effort to promote the products and maximize the sale of skintopia products in its assigned territory. Partner shall also assist skintopia in promotional activities with respect to the products. It is the partner’s task is to solicit orders from all potential customers in the territory including individuals, organizations, government entities, resellers, dealers, retailers and the likes. Any poor performance made by the partner will result in skintopia adding an additional partner (with the same category) within the area, with due process.

III. CONFLICT OF INTEREST – The partner warrants skintopia that it will maintain harmony with other partners by purchasing and selling products based on territory.


  • (1) Shipping. The company implies the “Order Line-up” Policy. Partner must notify skintopia in writing with regards to the purchase of products of such partner. Partner will only have twenty-four (24) hours upon acceptance of order to make any changes. Any revision made after twenty-four (24) hours will be considered new order and will be subject to product availability and/or delivery charges. Once the order arrives, the partner is obliged to countercheck and report to skintopia on any damages and incomplete orders within two (2) business days, from date of receipt, prior to own disposal. skintopia will not be liable to any discrepancy brought by lack of proper inventory.
  • (2) Payment. skintopia follows the “Payment First”policy. Partner to provide 50% down payment for every purchase order and another 50% full payment prior to shipping of order or upon receipt of order. The order will only be shipped once the proof of payment is sent and confirmed. Available payment options are bank deposit (BDO), Dragonpay and cash payment upon pick-up.


  • (1) Scammers.Due diligence of the partner to check if their respective clients are in good faith. It is better to ask for their identification and do some background checking.
  • (2) Promotion.The partner must secure skintopia away from any malicious events and must serve also its service with utmost diligence. They can promote the product on social media as long as it will not harm skintopia’s reputation.
  • (3) Selling. The partner must maintain harmonious relationship with other distributors of skintopia, thus standard discounting and pricing are strictly followed. Failure to comply will entitle skintopia management to terminate the partnership without any liability to skintopia company.