Independent Business Entrepreneur (IBE)

Application Form

Please be aware that Skintopia will keep all the information you provided CONFIDENTIALLY; Skintopia expects also that all communication with you will be held CONFIDENTIALLY
Provincial Distributor

Independent Business Entrepreneur (IBE)

PHP 500,000.00


  • The candidate for IBE must have an established distribution channel in the territory / area
  • Must have LTO from FDA as cosmetics trader
  • Must have a good credit standing
  • Must be of legal age and a bona fide Filipino Citizen with two valid IDs. (e.g. SSS, GSIS, Passport, Driver’s License etc.)
  • Must have checking account.
  • Must have secured all government permits and licenses especially TIN (Tax Identification Number)


  • Business Location must be in a commercial area/ prime location at least 50sqm.
  • If business location is on lease, the lease agreement should be under the name of the applicant.
  • One (1) IBE per province to cater IME partners which is equivalent to City Distributor.
  • If there are two or more applicants for the same area, IBE applicant shall be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.


  • Prior to the commencement of actual operations, the IBE applicant must have secured all the required government permits and licenses.
  • Operations of the IBE shall commence within 30 to 60 days after approval of the application. Failure to do so will give Skintopia Inc., the option to award the area to other interested IBE applicants


  1. Income Structure
  •  Outright Discount – 40%
  •  Direct Referral Incentive base on Gross.
  • 1st level – 2%
  • Entitled to a company promo exclusively for IBE


  1. No re-location of business shall take place without the prior approval of Skintopia Inc.


  • In the event that the IBE exercise his/her option to cease as IBE operator/owner for whatever reason other than force majeure, the IBE operator/owner is obligated to notify Skintopia Inc., Thirty (30) days prior to closure. Skintopia Inc., may then award the area to interested and qualified IBE applicant within the territory.
  • In case of payment default, Skintopia Inc., will exercise its right to downgrade the dealer’s status from IBE to IME and award the IBE position to qualified distributor in the area.
  • In the event of the IBE closure, the installed signage and other propriety materials supplied by Skintopia, shall be automatically surrendered to the Company.


  • The IBE must attain a minimum of Php 500,000 average Monthly Sales 3 months after the Opening date. If it fails to meet the requirement for 3 consecutive months, Skintopia Inc., has the option to offer the location to another prospective IBE.

Management reserves the right change, alter  or revised any any of these policies or add  such as it may deem necessary.  It shall ensure that such will be communicated to all IBE accordingly.